Plants: A Unique Gift to Mark Your Anniversary

December 18, 2022

Anniversary gifts can leave even the most creative gift-givers stumped. You want to show your significant other how much they mean to you, but the same old flowers and jewelry are getting boring.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult.


Giving anniversary plants, while unconventional, is the perfect way to present your partner with a gift that symbolizes your growing and lasting love.

In this post, we’ll share how plants are not only an expression of love, but also how they can be tailored to the timeless traditions of anniversary gift-giving.

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Why Is it a Great Idea to Give Plants for Anniversary Gifts?

Aside from their beauty, plants make a fantastic gift for a variety of reasons. For starters, there are plants for every type of person. 

You don’t have to possess a proverbial green thumb, nor do you need to be a lover of plants to appreciate their beauty. Seriously, have you ever met anyone who hates plants?

And with so many low-maintenance varieties available, anniversary plants don’t have to be a chore for the recipient. Certain varieties actually thrive on neglect, so even the most inexperienced plant owner can keep some plants from dying.

Now that we’ve established that there’s a plant for everyone, here are a few other notable benefits that prove plants make amazing anniversary gifts.

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Plants Last Longer Than Flowers

It’s no secret that fresh-cut floral bouquets can be creative, romantic, and downright gorgeous. And, if we say so ourselves, we do gorgeous here at Botanica!

So what’s the downside? Why is a florist about to diss flowers? 

Well, not many fresh-cut flowers make it past the 12-day mark. If you want something that can last for years, plants are the way to go.

Potted plants, with proper care, can literally last forever. (Well we admit that this is a little bit of an exaggeration, but you know what we mean!) Not only can this be romantically symbolic — especially on an anniversary — but from an economic standpoint, it can make more sense.

You Can Cater Plants to Your Recipient’s Personality

Just as your significant other has a personality all their own, so do plants! Choosing a plant that complements your loved one’s personality is a creative way to show them that you know and love who they are. Just be careful if you choose to give them a spiky cactus. Remember, you’ve been warned!

Does your spouse love being the center of attention? Choose a plant that commands the spotlight, like a sansevieria (also known as a snake plant). Snake plants are strong, powerful, and stand out in a crowd. And as a bonus, they’re very low maintenance, making them super easy to care for.

Perhaps the love of your life is a little more on the shy side. The Calathea is an introverted plant that gradually reveals its true beauty. But once you get to see a Calathea in all her glory, you’ll be glad you waited. The delicate foliage of the plant is stunning, and the colors are vivid. New leaves unfurl slowly, opening up over time. There are many varieties of Calethea available, so you can be sure to find the perfect match for your love.

Whatever the personality of your better half, you can be certain there’s an anniversary plant to match.

Plants Are Environmentally-Friendly

When you give a plant, you’re giving a gift that’s green in more than one way. Yes, most plants are green, but they’re also “green” in an environmental sense of the word.

Potted plants can be good for the environment in many ways and have been shown to help improve air quality by reducing indoor pollution and help to enhance your home by making it a more healthy, relaxing and enjoyable place to be.

If your spouse tends to hug trees, then consider these environmentally friendly indoor plants for your next anniversary gift:

  • Aloe vera
  • Spider plant
  • Peace lily
  • Dracaena
  • Rubber plant
  • English ivy
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Lady palm
  • And more

If you’re in the Portland area, stop by Botanica Floral + Home. Our expert staff can help you choose the perfect plant for your anniversary. Whether your goal is personality, exotic beauty, or environmentally friendly, we have something for everyone.

Come visit our shop or give us a call if you have any questions.

Are There Specific Anniversary Plants for Each Year?

Anniversary gift-giving traditions have been around since medieval times, and have been defined in Western society since the late 19th century.

While there’s no specific tradition around giving plants for each anniversary, that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative. Plus, we think it’s a fun idea!

Below, we’ve paired a few milestone anniversaries with what we think would be an excellent “plant equivalent” to the traditional anniversary gift theme. 

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1st Anniversary: Paper – Money Tree

Money trees are a clever way of giving something lasting and unique for your 1st anniversary. Money (paper) represents the 1st-anniversary tradition and the tree represents luck, prosperity, and good fortuneall good things to wish for your spouse.

As an added bonus, the money tree is quite easy to care for. It requires little water and doesn’t need direct sunlight, making it perfect for any spot in your home. Once a year you can re-pot your 1st wedding anniversary plant and watch it grow (just like your love) year after year.

5th Anniversary: Wood – Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are known for their beautiful woody trunks and branches, giving them their unique miniature tree shape. In addition to aligning with the 5th-anniversary gift tradition of wood, bonsai trees also have significant meaning.

Bonsai trees symbolize …

  •   Patience
  • Longevity
  •  Nurturing
  • Growth
  •  Caring 

… which are all important qualities in a lasting and loving marriage. And what’s really cool is that you can match the age of your bonsai with the anniversary you’re celebrating. In this case, a five-year-old tree to celebrate five years of marriage.

Bonsai trees are known to be persnickety little buggers, but don’t let that stop you. There are literally hundreds of species, and not all are difficult to care for.

The Ficus Bonsai and Juniper Bonsai trees are relatively easy to care for, even thriving on neglect. Both make a perfect choice for beginners or inexperienced growers.

20th Anniversary: China – China Doll

China dolls are a fast-growing, easy-to-care-for indoor plant that add a glossy, green lushness to any space.

As a 20th anniversary gift, the China doll tree is the perfect modern replacement for the traditional gift of giving china. Let’s face it, not many couples are rushing out to buy fine china anymore.

China dolls like a brightly-lit room, but not direct sunlight. Water your China doll when the soil is dry to the touch and avoid overwatering or your plant may end up with root rot. 

Lastly, you rarely need to re-pot your China doll because they’re much happier when they remain root bound.

25th Anniversary: Silver – Silver Pothos

Celebrating 25 years of marriage requires something pretty special, and we think the Silver Pothos hits the mark.

The Silver Pothos is a striking plant that is known for its cascading foliage when given room to grow.

The leaves are large, satiny, and heart-shaped, boasting bluish-green colors streaked with silvery markings. This plant will flourish and shine in a well-lit room but out of direct sunlight.

Not only does it possess unparalleled tropical beauty, but it’s also a healthy addition to your household as a living air purifier that will remove toxins from your environment.

Your Silver Pothos will thrive in warmer, humid rooms like kitchens or bathrooms and only require water when the top 50% of the soil is dry. Let the water run through the drainage holes and empty the drainage tray of excess water.

Which Plant Is Good for Your Anniversary?

While we think matching your anniversary plants with traditional anniversary themes is a fun way to go, sometimes keeping it simple is best. No one knows your partner better than you, so why not choose something that shows them you’ve been paying attention? 

Practically speaking, there are a few things to consider before choosing an anniversary plant for your special someone, such as:

  1. Allergies
  2. Pets in the household (Some plants are toxic to pets)
  3. Care requirements
  4. Personal preferences; and
  5. Availability of the plant

Celebrate Your Anniversary With a Unique Plant From Botanica Floral + Home

Are you looking for anniversary plants for your upcoming celebration? Visit Botanica Floral + Home in Portland. Our selection of plants offers something special for every personality and preference.

We’ve helped our clients choose plants and flowers for all types of celebrations, and we would love to help you make your special day that much more meaningful.

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