This Spring, Give Beautiful Easter Flowers Full of Meaning

December 18, 2022

For many, Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth, whether it’s for religious reasons or the start of the spring season. 

Because it feels right to celebrate, many people wonder how they can share the excitement and joy of the holiday with their loved ones.

The answer is simple! Easter flowers.

In this colorful guide, we’ll share our top picks for Easter bouquets and plants to help you spread some seasonal love.

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Are Easter Flower Arrangements Popular?

Easter floral arrangements or plants used to be wildly popular. Everyone wanted to bring flowers to Mom at Easter dinner or adorn their dining room table with a touch of spring color. 

But why let Easter flower arrangements become a dying tradition? 

Their beauty, fragrance, and symbolism give hope for new beginnings. Besides, who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet or potted plant?

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What Do Easter Flowers Commonly Represent?

Easter flowers represent something different for everyone, such as: 

  • The resurrection of Christ, if you’re religious
  • Renewal and rebirth as nature once again graces us with her beauty
  • The finishing touch after a weekend of spring-cleaning; or
  • Hope for a new beginning or fertility

Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Whatever your reason for buying or gifting Easter flowers, it’s sure to be meaningful to the person receiving them.

What Are Traditional Easter Flowers?

Certain flowers have become more popular to give as Easter flowers for two main reasons:

  • They were mentioned in the Bible in relation to the Resurrection, the Sermon on the Mount, or the Passion of Christ.
  • Flowers or plants that bloom in the spring are easy to come by at this time of year.

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5 Popular Types of Easter Flowers Used in Arrangements

If you’re looking for a meaningful Easter bouquet or arrangement, you might want to start with these five most popular Easter and spring flowers

We’ll share the meaning behind each flower so that you can give with purpose this Easter. 

#1: Tulips

Believe it or not, tulips were once so prized that they were actually used as currency! You may not be able to make purchases with your tulips, but you most certainly can surprise someone you care about with a beautiful arrangement this Easter.

Tulips are vibrant, beautiful, and loved the world over for their versatility. They come in many colors, but when considering an Easter bouquet, most people choose white and purple. White is the color of forgiveness and purple represents royalty. 

If you’re simply giving the gift of a spring bouquet, then any color — or an assortment of colors — will do just fine. 

#2: Daffodils

Who doesn’t love daffodils? 

As early bloomers, they’re the very essence of spring and represent the arrival of new life. In England, daffodils are known as “Lent lilies” because they always arrive around the time of Lent.

Giving the gift of daffodils, to yourself or someone you love is a great way to stay open to new beginnings.

#3: Hyacinths

The hyacinth comes with a variety of meanings, making it a perfect Easter flower to give. 

In churches, hyacinths represent happiness and love. But, for the sun god, Apollo, they were a symbol of beauty, peace, and commitment, but also represented pride and power.

Also early bloomers, hyacinths come in … 

  • White
  • Purple; and 
  • Pink 

… and can be given potted or cut. 

And the best part? The fragrance is unbelievable, and for many, the delightful aroma has become a sure sign that spring has sprung. 

#4: Crocus

The crocus flower has long been associated with spring and Easter because it’s sometimes seen poking through the last of the snow at the start of the season.

Crocus is the flower with a thousand faces as they can symbolize so many things, such as …

  • New beginnings
  • Youthfulness and innocence
  • Mirthfulness; and a
  • Spirit of positivity

… and when selecting a particular color, it can mean … 

  • White - purity and truth
  • Purple - dignity and success
  • Yellow - joy and cheerfulness

#5: Daisies

Giving white daisies in an Easter bouquet means giving a gift of hope, purity, and serenity. 

An extremely versatile flower, daisies can be included as part of a floral bouquet and used in front door wreaths for seasonal decoration. 

They come in many cheerful hues, making them perfect for brightening up any room after a long, cold winter.

In Addition to Easter Bouquets, These 5 Blooming Plants Are Also Popular Choices

Perhaps an Easter bouquet isn’t your speed, and you prefer a potted or blooming plant to give a lasting effect.

We share why these top five blooming plants are perfect for Easter.

#1: Easter Lilies

The most prized plant of Easter, the Easter lily, was said to have grown in the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed on the eve of His crucifixion.

They represent purity and innocence and have been mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments.

While the blooms are not conducive to creating an Easter bouquet, they do make a lovely potted plant to give at Easter. 

#2: Easter Cactus

Much like the Easter lily, the Easter cactus makes a perfect plant to give since it’s named for the holiday.

Easter cactus are different from their sister holiday cactuses (Thanksgiving and Christmas), and they come in colorful blooms, such as:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange; or 
  • Red

A symbol of rebirth, these succulents are the perfect Easter plant to celebrate the coming of spring.

#3: Azaleas

Azaleas pop up in early spring, breathing color and new life into our gardens each year. Azaleas come in a variety of colors, and at Easter they represent:

  • Love
  • Temperance; and
  • Moderation 

Azaleas are the gift that keeps giving because once planted in the garden, they will bloom year after year.

#4: Orchids

Orchids are an up-and-comer in the world of Easter flowers. Their unique and delicate beauty is unmatched, and they symbolize …

  • Fertility 
  • Beauty
  • Charm
  • Thoughtfulness; and
  • Love 

… making them perfect for any occasion. Available in a variety of colors, orchids are a surefire win at Easter.

#5: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are rich in symbolism, so when giving them as an Easter flower, be sure to choose wisely.

Believed to have originated in Japan, where it’s considered a symbol of …

  • Heartfelt emotion
  • Apology; and
  • Gratitude for understanding

… the cloud-like hydrangea was typically given as an apology. Since Easter is known for forgiveness and redemption, the hydrangea may just be the perfect gift for your loved one.

But, be careful! Blue hydrangeas have been known to symbolize frigidity and white hydrangeas for boastfulness. Stick to purple and pink to show heartfelt emotion and deeper understanding.

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Easter is the perfect time of year to give flowers. Regardless of their symbolism, flowers are attractive, bright, and perfect for celebrating any season.

At Botanica Floral Design in Portland, we love getting creative with Easter flower arrangements. 

Whether you prefer a traditional Easter lily, or you want to go all out with a bouquet of fresh-cut, spring flowers to please even the most discerning tastes, we’ve got you covered.

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