Retirement Flower Arrangements: Your Expert Gifting Guide

December 18, 2022

Do you know someone who is retiring? Chances are, you want to get them a gift to honor their accomplishment. 

And this time, you want to go a step above the traditional watch or wall plaque. You want to give a unique, memorable arrangement of stunning retirement flowers.

But where do you start? 

With the right direction, finding an appropriate retirement flower arrangement is possible.

We’ll look at three types of flowers that are perfect for retirement and what to consider before sending retirement flowers.

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Are Flowers an Appropriate Retirement Gift?


Retirement flowers are the perfect gift — especially if you know someone enjoys flowers or receiving gifts as a memento of appreciation.

Our Top 4 Tips for Sending Retirement Flowers

#1: Choose the Right Flowers

The first thing you want to do when planning a retirement flower arrangement is to be sure you're choosing just the right flowers. 

While there are no specific flowers that are a must for retirement flowers, there are a few things to consider:

  • Are the flowers appropriate for a retirement celebration? 
    • You don’t want to send romantic flowers or a bouquet of blooms typically associated with bereavement as a retirement gift. 
  • Is the recipient a man or a woman?
    • Some may not think flowers make a good gift for men. That’s absolutely untrue! If you’re looking for a retirement gift for him, consider either an arrangement of all white and green or other more masculine color palettes. Also there are a lot of unique flower and botanical choices that are more on the masculine side such as protea, mums, green ball dianthus, cobra lilies, leucadendron, poppy pods, succulents and more. Or ask your florist for suggestions.
  • What are a few of the recipient’s favorite colors?
    • If they gravitate toward bright colors, you may want to go with a cheerful, vivid arrangement. Maybe they prefer neutrals. In that case, an array of white florals with mustard or pale salmon accents may do the trick.
  • Do they have an affinity for (or dislike of) any flowers?
    • If someone hates roses, skip them. Also, consider any known floral allergies. Lilies, sunflowers, daisies, and chrysanthemums are among the most common allergy offenders.

If you’re looking for appropriate flowers for retirement, let Botanica Floral + Home create the perfect arrangement of retirement flowers.

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3 of the Best Flowers for Retirement Gifts

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies represent new beginnings, making them perfect retirement flowers.

It’s common to express gratitude to someone who has given years of service. Yellow and orange calla lilies are ideal to say how thankful you are.


Remind the retiree how much they mean to you with a gift of chrysanthemums

Not only are they an age-old symbol of enduring friendships, but mums also represent:

  • Optimism
  • Positivity
  • Longevity
  • Fidelity; and 
  • Joy

Chrysanthemums are available in many colors, but green and purple are particular favorites for retirement flowers. 


Sunflowers are a popular flower among cultures worldwide. 

They are said to symbolize:

  • Life
  • Good fortune 
  • Rebirth
  • Longevity

And with their cheerful, yellow petals, sunflowers are sure to remind the retiree of their bright future.

#2: Send Fresh Flowers

Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers. 

Not only does their beauty create an air of celebration and elegance, but their fragrance invokes fond memories for years to come.

An exquisitely arranged gift of fresh flowers is the perfect way to honor any retiree by letting them know how much you care and have appreciated your time together.

How can you tell that your “fresh” flowers are fresh?

Here are three things to look for:

  1. Stems should be green and fairly stiff.
  2. The petals should be colorful and firm.
  3. There should be no signs of spots or decay on the leaves.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the freshest of flowers is to purchase from a professional florist, like Botanica Floral + Home

Our floral designer team has extensive experience creating arrangements for every imaginable occasion and can design the perfect arrangement of retirement flowers. And they can even offer tips on how to best extend the life of your fresh arrangement

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Include a Message

Nothing shows you care quite like a message from the heart.

Let the recipient of your retirement flowers know how much you’ve appreciated their work over the years and how excited you are for them to be able to relax and celebrate their retirement! 

What you include in the message is up to you, but you may want to consider: 

  • Congratulating them on their achievement 
  • Expressing a heartfelt goodbye; or 
  • Reminding them of a funny or meaningful moment the two of you shared

Whatever you decide, including a message along with your retirement flower arrangement is a great way to make the flowers even more meaningful.

And you may want to include another little add-on gift with the retirement flowers. Adding gourmet chocolate, a candle, or a small gift basket will make your gift all the more memorable.

#4: Know the Best Time and Place To Send Retirement Flowers

Before sending flowers for retirement, be sure you know where — and when — to send them.

If you're sending retirement flowers to a coworker (and it's acceptable to have flowers delivered to the office) that may be your best approach.

However, if you're sending them to a house, be sure they arrive at a time when someone is home to receive them.

You also want to consider the person's preferences. Maybe they would rather have flowers delivered to their home versus their office. For example, if it's their last day of work, an arrangement of retirement flowers may feel like just one more thing to have to carry home.

And don't forget about flowers for a retirement party. Just be sure to make arrangements beforehand for delivery.

By thinking about the best time to send retirement flowers, you can ensure your flowers are both appreciated and appropriate.


Unsure if Retirement Flowers Are the Right Retirement Gift? Consider a Sending a Retirement Plant

Wondering if a retirement flower arrangement is the right gift? 

Some people just aren’t flower people. Or they might appreciate a plant that can grow with them on their new retirement journey. 

There are many plants easy-to-care-for that  provide a pop of life and color in a home, such as: 

  • Chinese money plants 
  • Succulent gardens
  • Philodendrons
  • Ferns; or even a
  • Monstera

Not sure how to choose the best plant for a retirement gift? Botanica Floral + Home can help!

Botanica Floral + Home: Helping You Show How Much You Care by Creating Captivating Retirement Flower Arrangements

Whether you choose a live plant or flowers for retirement, Botanica Floral + Home is ready to meet your needs. 

At Botanica Floral + Home, helping you select the perfect retirement flowers is one of our favorite things to do. Let our floral design experts create an arrangement that not only meets — but exceeds — your expectations.

If you’re looking for retirement flowers in Portland or Vancouver, contact us today.

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