Botanica Floral Design - Wedding Floral Design in Oregon

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Botanica Floral Design - Wedding Floral Design in Oregon

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Botanica Floral Design - Wedding Floral Design in Oregon
Botanica Floral Design - Wedding Floral Design in Portland
Botanica Floral Design - Elopement Floral Design in Oregon
Botanica Floral Design - Wedding Floral Design in Oregon
Botanica Floral Design - Wedding Floral Design in Portland Oregon
Botanica Floral Design - Bouquet Floral Design in Oregon

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Floral Design is my artistic lovechild. And as a local florist, Portland-sourced flowers and botanicals are integral to our designs. My passion for flowers, plants, theatre, art, and the environment meet at the confluence of this studio where I share these passions as gifts to my clients.

I believe that flowers and plants are healing while adding so much to our lives. My mission is to help enhance the lives of Portland residents & businesses by providing them with exquisite, unique, organic, high-quality flowers and plants for the home and workplace as well as weddings and events.

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We are visionaries at heart and our design experience goes well beyond floral arrangements. We believe the overall look and feel of your Portland wedding, event or function is core to its success. We love being involved with all aspects of the design process to ensure all the elements blend and complement each other to be seamless and cohesive. This is our commitment as your chosen Portland, Oregon florist.

Wedding Floral Services

Whether they’re on the reception desk of your office, the center of your dining table or the altar of your wedding, flowers add to the story of you. They communicate emotions, reflect seasons, and engage all of our senses. The art that we create with our consciously sourced, unique botanicals is made with your best interest at heart.

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What Our Customers Say About Our Floral Designs

Josef from Botanica Floral Design blew me away! His floral installment for the ceremony was absolutely stunning! I loved my bouquet, the bridesmaids' bouquets, and all of the arrangements! He was amazing to work with and I could not be happier with his work! I highly recommend Botanica!

-Lauren P.

As a wedding coordinator, I recommend Botanica Floral Design all the time. Josef is amazing and has a great sense of design. Everything thing he produces is high quality and beautiful. I highly recommend him for your wedding flowers!

-Tarah L.

Another spectacular arrangement from the Botanica team: they have become the only florist I use in the Portland-Vancouver area. I ordered a Designer's Choice bouquet, after hours last evening, for delivery today and the recipient was sharing photos with me at 11:00 this morning. The arrangement exceeded all my expectations, as they generally do: the choice of flowers was varied, artful, and abundant Even more thoughtful, the flowers were the recipient's wedding colors, which this team created for her two years ago. Don’t hesitate to place your order: just shop in confidence and enjoy the delight they help you bring to another’s day.

-Kim S.

Josef is so talented! I was the matron of honor/wedding planner from South Carolina for a bride in Florida for a wedding in Gold Beach, Oregon! So, communication was key and Josef was very accommodating. He packed the flowers perfectly for a 5-hour drive to the wedding destination. Everything was perfect, including the price!

-Jessica C.

I have used Botanica Floral several times for flower arrangements, events, and gifts - I am impressed and very pleased with Josef's artistry, taste, and creativity. I highly recommend walking into his store in the Pearl - it is full of great gift ideas.

-Antimo C.

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