Somebody turned 17!

December 18, 2022

 Happy Birthday Mr. Beasley!


September 2020 will definitely be a month to remember. What with the devastating wildfires to the loss of one of our true American hero’s, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, it has been quite a month. But despite all the sadness and heartbreak, we had a joyous occasion to celebrate and one that I will always remember.

Beasley turned 17! Not only is this quite an accomplishment, it is one that I am truly grateful for. While I have not talked about this publicly, back in late May and early June, things were not looking good for our little guy. You see he has kidney disease, which is quite common for a guy his age, and it had progressed to a point where he was having trouble standing and even eating(not for lack of trying). The vet said it was time to say goodbye. Of course I was devastated. I couldn’t make that decision right then and there and needed more time to come to terms with all this so I brought him home to hold him, comfort him and figure out what was best for him.

Over the next few days while I struggled to make that decision, he started showing signs of improvement. At the recommendation of my brother, who is a vet up in Seattle, I stared giving him subcutaneous fluids every other day to keep him hydrated and I started pureeing his food for easier consumption. This made a huge difference. He rallied and bounced back to the little old man he was before he started his decline in May. He had more energy, he was more alert and I could see it in his eyes that he was not ready to go. He had so much more joy to bring to me and the world!

17 years ago, this little fur-ball came into my life and completely stole my heart! Mr. Beasley is such a huge part of my own life, as well as this studio's life, and so (of course!) we celebrated in true Mr. B. fashion:

With cake and burgers a'plenty!

As a lot of you know, Beasley, aka ‘The Beast’, is our CFO(Chief Furry Officer).
He has been a part of Botanica since its inception and has held several positions over the years including official greeter, head of security, flower inspector, crew manager and, of course, social media cutie pie! He even has his own gallery here on our website. Check it out...

Though he is now officially retired, he still keeps us on our toes here at the studio and helps out when the spirit moves him or whenever there is a treat to be had.  And, for his birthday, there were plenty of treats to be had!
Don't let the gray hair fool you - he owned that burger like a boss!

With all the well-wishers stopping by to join in the celebration Beasley insisted on wearing his mask. Safety first


Thank you to those who came by the studio to celebrate!  I'd say we did a pretty good job wearing the old man out!
(Mr. Beasley...not me!

I'm so incredibly grateful for so many years together and look forward to as many more as possible!  We love you all!
Josef & Mr. B.

SPECIAL OFFER! In celebration of the Beast turning 17, we are offering free delivery on any order placed before September 30th. Just use the coupon code THEBEAST when placing online orders or wish the Beast a "Happy Birthday' when placing phone orders.