Who Gets Flowers at a Wedding? Consider Tradition — But Remember, It’s Your Decision

December 18, 2022

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding since you were a child or since the day your fiancé proposed, you probably missed one small detail: 

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Who gets flowers at a wedding?

Flowers add a beautiful and personal touch to the person receiving them.

But the answer to who should have flowers at a wedding is completely up to you.

If you haven’t yet decided, here are a few traditions along with some fresh new ideas to consider for the flora on your big day. 

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Who Traditionally Gets Flowers at a Wedding?

The answer to this question lies in the word “traditionally.” 

If you’re looking to follow your own rules for your wedding, that’s completely okay. 

But if you find romance in the tradition of it all, here’s a shortlist of who traditionally gets flowers at a wedding:

  • The bride
  • The maid of honor and bridesmaids
  • The flower girl
  • The mothers and grandmothers 

The Bride

All eyes will be on you on this special day and that includes:

  • Your attire
  • Your hair
  • Your makeup; and, of course…
  • Your bouquet

It’s a time-honored tradition for the bride to carry a gorgeous bouquet down the aisle.

The bridal bouquet dates back to ancient times when a bride would gather a spray of herbs and spices to ward off any bad luck or evil spirits.

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As the romance of the Victorian era approached the tradition of the bridal bouquet grew to include flowers and sprouted meaning behind color palettes: 

  • White symbolizing purity 
  • Yellows for happiness; and 
  • Oranges to bring purity

Nowadays even if you aren’t worried about any curses following you down the aisle, many brides take the opportunity to reflect their personal taste in their bridal bouquet.

And if toting a bunch of blooms down the aisle isn’t your style, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate flowers into your day including:

  • A flower crown
  • A wrist corsage
  • Adding foliage and/or flowers to your hairstyle, or even 
  • A garland of blossoms draped over your shoulders

The Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

Most often the maid of honor and bridesmaids carry smaller versions of the bridal bouquet. 

These mini bridal bouquets can be the same or complementary, sharing in

  • Style
  • Color palate; or
  • Flowers

If you want to go for something a little different, consider:

  • A corsage
  • Flower crown; or
  • Flowers in the hair 

These options can be especially fitting if your wedding is more casual or if you have junior bridesmaids.

The Flower Girl

If you’re going to have a flower girl, as the title suggests most flower girls are given a basket of flowers or rose petals.

Though some venues may not allow real rose petals as some can leave pesky stains on carpets and fabric runners, you can also give your flower girl synthetic rose petals to toss.

If you don’t like the look of rose petals strewn down the aisle you may opt to give her …

… to carry as she meanders down the aisle.

As an alternative, you can adorn her hair with Gypsophila paniculata, more commonly known as baby’s breath, or a flower crown made of sturdy flowers that can withstand the activities of a young child.

You can also have Man's Best Friend as your Flower Dog!

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The Mothers and Grandmothers

A nice way to honor the mothers and grandmothers in the family is with a miniature bouquet or corsage, either pin-on or a wrist corsage.

All it takes is three to five stems depending on the flowers to give a personal, thoughtful touch.

If a mini bouquet is too much, a corsage can either be pinned or worn on the wrist. 

Who Traditionally Gets a Boutonniere at a Wedding?

The Groom

It goes without saying, the groom(s) is the guest of honor and may want to don a special boutonniere that matches the style or color of the bridal bouquet. 

A boutonniere, French for “buttonhole”, is a small spray of flowers typically pinned or inserted into the buttonhole on the left lapel of a suit jacket.

Boutonnieres can also be pinned to the shirt just directly above the heart.

Except for the armed forces in uniform, most grooms will opt to wear a boutonniere and may even want to choose the arrangement themselves.

Another fun and unique option is a floral pocket square instead of a traditional boutonniere.

Boutonnieres are notoriously tricky to put on so be sure to enlist the help of your wedding planner, coordinator, or floral designer. 

The team at Botanica Floral + Home can create boutonnieres to compliment your bouquet and other floral arrangements or design something unique.

Call our floral designers to see what we can dream up for your dream day!


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If you’re still deciding which honored guests will wear this beautiful floral accessory, here’s a list of who traditionally receives a boutonniere at a wedding.

The Best Man and Groomsmen

Traditionally the best man and the groomsmen have worn boutonnieres but in today’s modern wedding, anything goes. 

If the best man and groomsmen do decide to wear a boutonniere you can easily ask the floral designer to create something in the same …

  • Style
  • Color palate; or
  • Family

… as the groom’s boutonniere, only slightly different or smaller. 

The Ring Bearer

Consider honoring your littlest attendant down the aisle with a miniature boutonniere of his own.

If you have more than one you can ask your florist to make more than one or choose to embellish the ring pillow or ring box with flowers too.

The Fathers and Grandfathers 

Fathers on both sides generally wear a boutonniere that can be the same as the groomsmen or a complimentary style all their own.

If you have a step-dad or other father figure in your life you’d like to express your love and gratitude to, pinning a boutonniere on their lapel can be a touching way to show you care.

Don’t forget Grandpa. He may not be the sentimental type but dress him with a boutonniere on your special day and you might just witness a tear well up in his eye. 

Ultimately, the Couple Decides Who Gets Flowers at a Wedding

Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules to who gets flowers. 

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you choose who you’d like to give flowers to.

Some factors you may want to consider when deciding how to divvy up your floral arrangements include:

  • Budget – It’s helpful to flesh out a general budget to keep in mind before going into your first meeting with a florist. Knowing how your funds will be allocated and where you’d like to splurge can empower you to have a realistic conversation with your florist about pricing. It also helps your florist when creating a quote or offering alternatives to design concepts that are within reach.
  • Preference – The choices are endless when it comes to who should get flowers. If a friend or family member is officiating, you may want to give them a corsage or boutonniere, or not. You can also offer a flower to extended family members or every guest attending the wedding. The sky’s the limit!
  • Type of weddingAre you having a traditional or non-traditional wedding? The answer to this question might give you better insight into how far you want to lean in either direction.

Other Places for Flowers and Greenery at a Wedding

If you want to create a Garden of Eden, you can add flowers and greenery to almost any element to elevate the allure of enchantment.

Here are just a few ideas of other places to add flowers or greenery for ambiance:

  • As centerpieces on:
    • The head table or sweetheart table
    • The guestbook or welcome table
    • Bistro tables
    • Guest tables
    • The buffet table or bar
  • As embellishment:
    • At the altar
    • Down the aisle
    • Draped across signage
  • As hanging greenery installations or floral chandeliers 
  • As garnish at each place setting with a sprig of herbs or succulents

Botanica Floral + Home in Portland, Oregon — Book Our Team for Your Uniquely Lush Wedding Flower Arrangements

The most important thing is that you feel happy with how the floral arrangements are divvied up on your wedding day.

At Botanica Floral + Home, our unique lush flower arrangements can help you find the balance between honoring tradition and the modern couple you are. 

No matter your budget or style we can design …

  • Bouquets
  • Boutonnieres
  • Corsages; and
  • Other floral arrangements 

… that will wrap everyone in the aroma of love.

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